Free One Day Buddhist Retreat Colombo

For Children & Adults

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Venue – Institute of Personnel Management Meeting Hall
No. 43 Vijaya Kumaranathunga Mawatha, Colombo 05.

Every full moon poya day From 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The program caters to beginners as well as serious practitioners with –

  • Dhamma sermons

  • Dhamma Discussions

  • Guided meditation

  • Question and answer sessions

  • A separate Dhamma program is conducted for children in English medium, at the same venue from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Participation is free of charge and lunch and refreshments are provided.
  • The program is conducted by venerable monks of Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monasteries.

We all seek happiness. It is human nature to seek happiness. Hence life becomes a constant struggle to achieve this seemingly elusive goal. Because in an ever changing world whatever happiness we find doesn’t last for long. Although our mind tricks us to believe that one fine day we will find an ideal situation where all our dreams have come true and we’ve achieved all goals we set to achieve in our life, but in reality this could not be any further from the truth of life.

Yet there is a way you can find lasting happiness in life, happiness that is not dependent on outer circumstances but comes from within, born of inner freedom and inner peace of the mind. The way to achieve this sublime happiness is to follow the path shown by our great teacher Gautama Supreme Buddha.

With proper guidance we too can learn and practice Dhamma and find peace within ourselves. Although Dhamma propagation in Sinhala medium is commonplace in our country, preaching Dhamma in English is a rarity. Therefore to meet this need a Special Dhamma Program is conducted in English Medium monthly on the full moon poya day for the benefit of the English speaking community of Sri Lanka.

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Approximate schedule:

8.00 am – Going refuge to Triple Gem and observing eights precepts
8.15 am – Dhamma sermon
9.45 am – Break
10.00 am – Guided meditation
10.30 am – Preparation for Buddha puja and introducing the Dhamma books in the library
10.45 am – Buddha puja
11.00 am – Lunch dana
12.15 pm – Sharing merits, announcements and chanting a sutta
01.00 pm – Dhamma sermon
02.15 pm – 5 mins break
02.20 pm – Guided & Silent Meditation
02.50 pm – Tea Break
03.00 pm – Dhamma discussion
03.50 pm – Conclusion & blessings
04.00 pm – Clean up