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The month in which Arahants were first born in Sri Lanka

The true and utmost day of dignified freedom for Sri Lankans is the Poson Poya day. On this day, Sri Lankans received the Buddha’s Dhamma, which is the most valued possession of the country, even at present. People in this country used to go hunting and worshiping various supernatural things like trees and stones. On [...]

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Is the modern man wise?

One of the main aspects of society are the “developments” that occur over time. As human society steps into a new era, its typical characteristics also change. Also, the most precious treasure to humans, wisdom, and the ability to guide the mind, also changes when humans go through such transformations. Humans in the past did [...]

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Let us go for Refuge to the Triple Gem with Insight

We all prefer a peaceful and comfortable life however life is filled with many problems. There is no one who would prefer their own life to end abruptly without solace. Therefore, isn’t it better to live carefully as we grow older? To live in such a way, everyone seeks some kind of help or refuge. [...]

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What do Buddhists believe? In general, Buddhists believe: We are all responsible for our own actions. Unwholesome actions eventually bring negative results; wholesome actions eventually bring positive results. We are all responsible for our own happiness. Humans have the ability, with their own effort, to give up greed and hatred and delusion. True [...]

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Enter the Buddha’s World

Ancient Buddhist Scriptures Everything we teach comes from the ancient sermons taught by Gautama Buddha and his enlightened disciples that lived with him. They have been preserved in the Sutta Pitaka by the Theravada Buddhist tradition. Shortly after the Buddha passed away, 500 fully enlightened monks gathered at the First Great Council to [...]

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The Eight Precepts

The Buddha encouraged his lay disciples to follow extra training rules as often as they could. They are an enhanced version of the Five Precepts they follow every day. The Eight Precepts: Abstaining from killing Abstaining from stealing Abstaining from sexual activity Abstaining from telling lies Abstaining from intoxicating drinks and drugs Abstaining from [...]

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